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Nasty Cra Z Craw
Dippin' Tails--Clear
Dippin' Tails--White
Dippin' Tails--Shad
Nasty Baits Kickin Frog
Nasty Finesse Worm
Nasty Dippin' Tails
Nasty Hog
Nasty Swimmers
Nasty Sticks
Nasty Chunk
Nasty Paddle Tail Worm
JJ's Magic dippin' dye

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Nasty Cra Z Craw (1)

Nasty Baits Cra Z Craw is a 3.75 inch Crawfish Style bait.

There is 10 Nasty Baits Cra Z Craw's in a pack for $3.99

Dippin' Tails--Clear (1)

Chameleon (0)
Changes from pink to purple and even tan

Dippin' Tails--White (1)

Dippin' Tails--Shad (1)

Nasty Baits Kickin Frog (1)
Nasty Baits Kickin Frog is a 3.75 inch Frog

Nasty Baits Kickin Frog comes 5 in a pack for $3.99
Nasty Finesse Worm (1)
6" Nasty Finesse (Flat Belly Finesse Worm)
15 per pack for $4.39
Nasty Dippin' Tails (3)

These baits are designed to be dipped in your favorite color and scent.This is a 6" Nasty Finesse in any in any color with only the tips of the tail being either clear, white or Clear Shad.Our demo pictures are done with JJ’s Magic which can also be purchased here.These baits come in a pack of 15 for $4.39.Customize them your way.

Nasty Hog (1)
Nasty Baits Nasty Hog is a 5.5 inch Brush Hog Style Bait
Nasty BaitsNasty Hog comes 10 in a pack for $3.99
Nasty Swimmers (1)
4.5 inch are $4.99 a pack of 8
Nasty Sticks (1)
Nasty Stick (Senko style bait)
5 1/4 inches
10 in a pack for $4.25

Nasty Chunk (1)
Nasty Chunk
2.75 Inches
6 in a pack $2.99

Nasty Paddle Tail Worm (1)
Nasty Paddle Tail Worm
4.5 Inches
15 in a Pack For $3.49

JJ's Magic dippin' dye (0)
Curently Out Of Stock

JJ's Magic is a dippin' dye solution that is design for you to customize your soft plastic bait. JJ's magic penetrates your soft plastic bait with color and a garlic scent.
JJ's Magic comes in five colors: Chartreuse, Methylate, Red, Clear,and Blue.
Chartreuse is your most versatile. This color may be used in most water conditions. Methylate is basically used in the same manner to give you a red or orange hue on your soft plastic baits. Methylate comes in extra hand when fishing in muddy waters.
Blue is made mainly for crystal clear water, and also as an overall dye.
If you double dip your soft plastic bait in any two of the color dyes; you can create different hues of green, orange, and purple dependent on the color of the soft plastic bait used. This will give you a tactical advantage over your competition.
You can also use all five colors to design soft plastic bait that look like real bait  fish.
JJ's Magic also comes in a clear garlic oil dip fish attractant. You can either use as a dip or pour a little in the bag of soft plastic baits. 
Dippin' dyes are not a science, but an art. The more you try, the more combinations you will find that will work for you. It works in all water conditions. Water conditions vary by lake, season, and weather.
If you are going to use a dippin' dye, then use JJ's Magic. Remember more bites, more fish.